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Poster: TheBusyWertia Date: Mar 5, 2021 9:00pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Can I download an archived book to my computer?

'the book is too small to read on my phone' false, but also true. The app, in the app store, is a third party app made from the off-set of the internet archive, while having zoom embedded in the settings, the user cannot zoom in naturally with their fingers. On the mobile website, this is a different tale, and you may zoom in on text on your phone when logged in on your phone. With the issue of reading content on the internet archive on PC, comes an issue of discipline rather than the inability to read. We are seldom trained to read books on computers. documentation sure, and <10,000 word articles, sure but books? No. The human brain is quite small in this aspect and when locked in on a book, a human asks himself, what's the point of reading? I only have 100 years left on this damn earth, even if I finish reading what use can I use this for? Clearly this book isn't going to help me even make an series or documentary on youtube just a cite for sources on a book that you come to find, was written with phrasing dead among your generation. You doubt yourself. Got sidetricked , so . You could watch videos pertaining to your interests on your phone while your computer processes the book loading after reading a page after page or random flips from differing amounts of skippings from entirely to the end or just whatever your mind can think of as a special number of increments then random to throw off the tracks of a data algorithm in case someone happens to be using your page turning in a dataset later to be used by a dollar store manager looking to figure out whether buying bibles is worth while even for a .01 a pop when the space is just ever so taken.